55.00 USD

By upgrading from VIP to MVP on Minecraft Infected, you'll get access to the following:


  • Baby Zombie Infected Class
  • Witch Infected Class
  • Iron Golem Infected Class
  • Enderman Infected Class
  • Vampire Infected Class
  • Skeleton Infected Class


  • MVP tag abe06b03ae4abd1ed65d71f73464794d0369a214.png in game
  • When joining the server, your join is announced to the entire server
  • Armor Colors: Yellow, Orange, Olive, Light Blue, Blue, Aqua, Cyan, Red, White Green, Lime, Magenta, Pink, Light Gray, Gray, Purple, Brown, Black, Navy, and Maroon
  • Arrow Skins: Zombie, Cookie, Emerald, Arrow Item, Chicken Egg, Ender Pearl, and Bone
  • Lightning join
  • Cookie cannon gadget
  • Kitten cannon gadget
  • Firework gadget
  • Chat color codes
  • Heart emote


  • 4 Cookie Boosters (everybody in your lobby gets 2x cookies for the round that it's used) 
  • 4 Infected XP Boosters (everybody in your lobby gets 2x infected XP for the round that it's used) 


  • /sneak (hide your nametag at all times!)
  • /fly in lobby
  • Access to premium infected challenges (4 per day!)
  • Give 3 cookies to every player on the server after each round
  • Inventory Organizer
  • 3 map votes per round
  • Open VIP, VIP+, MVP  infected crates