Battle Pass Season 3

How does the premium battle pass work?
You will have 60 days to make as much progress as you can on the battle pass. The premium battle pass gives a total of 50 awesome items, including MVP effects, kill effects, survivor particles, victory dances, emotes,  lobby gadgets, personal boosters, Tendril Kit, and more! You'll earn all items up to your current tier once you purchase the premium battle pass.

How do I unlock Battle Pass Tiers?

1. Challenges

  • For all 8 weeks of season 3, we're offering three new challenges a week (24 total)
  • Each week there will be an easy, medium, and hard challenge to complete
  • Weekly challenges don't expire until the season ends and unlock every Saturday
  • There's also 6 global challenges that can be completed at any point during season 3
  • Each completed challenge unlocks at least 1 battle pass tier!

To view challenges and your progress, open the battle pass menu with /battlepass or talk to the NPC in the lobby and click the chest inside the menu. 

2. Time Played

  • You earn 1 tier for every 3 hours that you play on the server
  • You can view your progress towards your next tier with the battle pass NPC in lobby. 

Premium Battle Pass + 15 Tiers

20.00 USD View

Premium Battle Pass + 15 Tiers (MVP+ Discount)

15.00 USD View

Premium Battle Pass

15.00 USD View

Premium Battle Pass (MVP+ Discount)

10.00 USD View

10 Battle Pass Tier Skips

5.00 USD View